A Bird Made of Plastic Forks? Yesterday’s Picnic Utensils Are Today’s Fine Art

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by Julie Leibach, August 2012

Animal Sculptures Made from Reclaimed Household Objects

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by Christopher Jobson, July 2012

Raw + Material = Art

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by Tristan Manco, 04/20/12

ECO ART: Reclaimed Garbage Transformed Into Amazing Sculptures

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by Harsh Paul, 03/20/10

WBOI radio interview

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Aired October 2011

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Sayaka Ganz from Fort Wayne, IN, Artist A Day

Your trash, her art: The Jornal Gazette

IPFW instructor’s work opens at Science Central
By Becky Manley

Making art from the ordinary, News Sentinel

Students learn to create sculptures from common items
By Ellie Bogue :
Saturday, October 23, 2010

New exhibit mixes science and art

September 2009

WBOI Jazz – Midday Matters ArtCentric

WBNI Midday Matters Friday Artcentric
ArtCentric recycling was the topic on this edition of Midday Matters. It’s National Recycle Month. Sayaka Ganz & Lisa Vetter, co-owner of the Art Farm.
April 30, 2010

IPFW Michigan ArtPrize

IPFW Michigan ArtPrize
October 2010