*Holiday Craft Special: Make Your Own Plastic Fork Angel*

I designed this angel ornament a while ago, and it has been very received by everyone I have given it to.

The original version was made using a heat gun, but that has been very tricky and difficult to teach others.

Last year in one of my classes a student showed me the plastic model cement he was using on a project using clear plastic spoons, and it worked very well, melting and fusing the plastic just like what I had achieved using a heat gun.

I am very pleased to be able to share this project with you this year. Enjoy!



2 clear plastic forks (Other colors may work as well, I know for sure that clear ones work), a pair of diagonal plier (wire cutter), plastic model cement (You can buy this at a craft store. The fume is toxic, so please work in a well ventilated area!), drill with sharp 1/8″ bit








1. Cut the bases of fork stems, one at opposite 45 degree angle from the other as shown below.











2. Cut the tines of each fork head at a diagonal parallel to the cut made at the base, leaving one tine at its full length on each fork.











3. Cut off the diagonal point at the top of one of the stems cut in step 1, and drill a hole through the stem about 1/4″ from the top.









4. Squeeze plastic model cement on the cut diagonal surface at the base of one of fork heads.








5. Attach the fork head at an angle on the stem so that the longest tine is at the top. You can work on aluminum foil or cookie sheet to avoid glue sticking to work surface. It works best if you attach the fork heads with tines curving down toward the work surface rather than the other way around, so that you can rest the piece while cement sets. It takes about 20 minutes for the adhesive to set enough to be handled.










6. Wait until the cement sets completely. Use the hole on the angel’s head to attach a hook, thread, string or wire. Decorate with beads (optional).